Corporate Partnership and LLC returns

How we work with your Business

Call now:  (609) 597-3232

Our services start with a reminder.  We call the business about 1 week in advance to set up a time to pick up your data. 

We come to you.  At our scheduled appointment, we usually talk anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes and point out any major issues. 

The following week we call to schedule a drop off appointment.

We deliver the data for the period which contains a copy of all returns prepared for you, any other action items, a profit and loss statement and a balance sheet.  Secure electronic delivery is also available.

             We discuss the company performance

             We discuss tax strategies

             We discuss cost saving strategies

             We discuss methods to increase revenue

             We discuss employee issues

             We discuss Payroll, Sales Tax, Estimated Taxes

             We discuss retirement

You call or email us as often as needed.  We provide responsive and proactive services all year round.