Full service bookkeeping is offered.  Whether you are a multi-million dollar company or an individual contractor, we are here to help businesses of all sizes.  If it is cost effective for your business, we offer the following options:

Pick up your data and enter it into your Quickbooks file
Electronic review of Quickbooks files
Pick up of boxes of receipts and invoices


Besides offering after-the-fact payroll services,  Ocean Tax Consultants LLC offers deeply discounted third party payroll solutions.  The best part is you never have to worry.  If you have questions or problems, call Ocean Tax Consultants LLC directly.  

Wealth Management

360 Financial Services LLC

Trusted Advisor

Ocean Tax Consultants LLC is interested in more than numbers.  We give tax advice and business advice.  We make sure that you have the skills to make your personal  finances and your business successful. 

Virtual CFO

In addition to offering accounting advice, Ocean Tax Consultants LLC is there to advise you on financing options, the health of the business, as well as point out opportunities for new growth.

Tax Planning

Ocean Tax Consultants LLC is knowledgeable about upcoming and the ever-changing tax code.  Communication is the key to success.  We send out newsletters and call clients throughout the year to remind them about important tax savings strategies and opportunities.

Call now:  (609) 597-3232

Education Focused and Proactive

Ocean Tax Consultants LLC prides itself on analyzing history to forecast the future.  We are education focused.  Whether it is an individual who needs to be guided in different types of investments for tax savings or Businesses that should be exiting a market, Ocean Tax Consultants LLC educates it clients on what the numbers show and what options are available.  If you want to learn and become an educated taxpayer, Ocean Tax Consultants LLC is the place for you.​